Julie Goodyear: CBB’s scariest OAP

I’m starting to suspect Julie might be the devil incarnate, for the old dame is playing one seriously venomous game in the CBB house.

Julie, who likes to think of herself as the house’s mother hen,  is quite possibly the most intimidating seventy year old woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

While she accuses others (namely Coleen) of being fake, Julie herself has displayed a multitude of faces while in the CBB house – none of which are particularly pretty to look at.

Would you mess with this woman? (image: cdnds.net)

Her language is strong to say the least, but what I find most disturbing about Julie are her emphatic displays of false sincerity. I shudder each time she flashes that toothy, gum-chewing grin of hers while ‘bonding’ with another housemate.

Watching Julie lure individual housemates into one-on-one conversations is like watching a deadly spider weave its web. It’s fascinating. The actress certainly has a strange charisma about her, one which other housemates just can’t seem to resist.

For example, she has glamour model Danika massaging her feet, Daily Mail journo Samantha Brick calling her ‘mummy’, and the rest of the housemates kissing her proverbial bottom. Even Coleen, who clearly dislikes the ex-Corry star, can’t help but aquiesce when offered one of Julie’s ‘sympathetic’ hugs (that’s the same Julie who previously branded Coleen a “two-faced b***ard”).

Julie Goodyear and Danica foot massage

“That’s the spot” (image: cdnds.net)

Julie reminds me of that character from Lord of the Rings, Grima Wormtongue – otherwise known as the “archetypal sycophant, flatterer, liar and manipulator”. Given Julie’s barbed remarks, false declarations of love and corrupt whisperings, I think she’d be perfect for that role.

After all (and you have to give it to her), Julie is one hell of an actress. But I think a few housemates are beginning to see through her performance; Martin Kemp has picked up on her vile language, Coleen has long clocked on to her game-playing, and even Julian seems a little wary.

But who else will recognize Julie’s true colours? And more importantly, who will have the courage to stand up to her? Watch this space people!

Julie Goodyear CBB

Will Julie Goodyear make it to the CBB final? (image: holymoly.com)


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