Essex Vs Chelsea

I’ve just woken up a little worse for wear. Last night was Pixie Lott’s VIP Lipsy Launch, an event which I ended up attending as a plus-one thanks to a friend of mine.

Needless to say we took full advantage of the free bar: mojitos, rosé, champers, a couple of sips from the dark depths of a lavish fishbowl… Unsurprising then that we were soon in the mood to throw some shapes after arriving at the swanky Chelsea nightclub.

It might have looked cool, had we not decided it would be hilarious to do a subtle version of the Inbetweeners’ dance whilst surrounded by the cast of Made in Chelsea. You know the bit in the film where Neil busts out the moves and Simon and Will join in? Yeah. We kinda did that.

Speaking of Made in Chelsea, after spotting a few major members of the cast at the bar (thankfully none of which saw our “ironic” dance moves) I wondered where their Essex-born counterparts were. Sadly neither Amy Childs, nor Harry Derbidge, nor any of team-reem for that matter, were anywhere to be seen. But, having said that, I should note that there were a fair few imitators of the TOWIE gang knocking around the place.

In fact, the more I looked around the club, the more I noticed a divide between the two major types of fashion trends going on. The sight of one girl’s skimpy skin-tight skirt, hair extensions and, err, “glowing” skintone stood in stark contrast to Caggie Dunlop’s flowing white lace dress, soft hair and dewy complexion, and summarized neatly the style war that appears to be taking place on the club scene. Put simply, it’s Essex Vs Chelsea.

The number of girls channeling Chelsea style on nights out seems to be growing – could it be that one day this new wave of rah-chic might even surpass the long established Essex-girl look? Crikey, imagine a club where big eyelashes are replaced by big glossy hair; fake boobs by not-so-fake designer labels; gratuitous amounts of flesh by subtle flashes of skin. It’s almost inconceivable.

But the rise of Chelsea style leads me to ask one question, has looking a bit posh finally become, dare I say it, cool? The answer, I believe, might be yes. But why? Is it the K-Midz / P-Midz effect? Could be, considering that half the nation has fallen in love with the former’s style and the other half with the latter’s derriere. Indeed, the Middleton sisters have given posh a new edge. Heck, they’ve even helped bring the Royal Family back in vogue!

Whatever’s set if off, there’s a new trend coming to town, one that’s slowly taking over the dancefloor, and it’s distinctly rah, dahling.

ps. Wonder whether Pixie will incorporate it into her next Lipsy collection, eh? If I go to the next launch I’ll be sure to let you know….