My, Neville Longbottom, haven’t you grown!

WINGARDIUM SEXY-OSA! Looks like Neville’s been hit with a hot-ifying spell…

Gone is the cute, festively plump wizard that first graced our cinema screens ten years ago, and in his place is a rather dashing young actor by the name of Matthew Lewis.

Lewis, who played the part of Neville Longbottom in all eight Harry Potter films, couldn’t have looked more different to his alter-ego when he appeared at the New York premiere of the final HP film on Monday.

Matthew Lewis New York Harry Potter Premiere

What wizadry is this? Neville's now a bonafide hottie!

Suited and booted, Lewis looked strapping in his sharp black attire and towered above co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (who’s the hunky wizard now, eh? EH? That’s right, NEV-DAWG.)

Err, anyway, according to the Daily Mail, to become Neville, Lewis was reportedly made to wear yellow false teeth, shoes two sizes too big and prosthetics behind his ears to make them stick out more. Probably explains the dramatic change of appearance, then.

Matthew Lewis Matthew Lewis Sinead Husband

Possibly the most heart-breaking picture of all time.

Still though, I must admit I’ve been left stupified at the transformation that’s taken place… Anyone have Neville’s, I mean, Matthew’s number?

Oh wait, he has a girlf, and she’s mega hot too.  I am well JEL-iarmus.

Matthew Lewis Sinead Husband

Matthew Lewis and Sinead Husband at the final HP premiere